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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Nice!. A really great weight too for a 22" Sig.

Most of the Agop rides on what particular online dealers site are all to thin for my taste which brings up an interesting observation Bill. It wasn't till I got to hear some Agop rides in the flesh with a little more meat on the bone like my 21" SE ride at 2325g that I realized just how GREAT these slightly beefier Agop rides can sound like your latest offering.
Most of my Signature rides are on the heavy side- 22", 2581g, 23", 2871g, and 24", 3337g. I like thin Sig rides, too. I once had a 20", 1580g Signature ride and I've been looking at the really thin ones on

I also like the TWs heavy- 2600g+ for a 22", even though I also have the 2248g TW (it's a great left side ride). The 24" TWs I have are between 3400g and 3500g.

Where I really make a departure with the Agops is the regular SEs and the Vezir rides. I prefer 20" SE rides and the two I have are between 1600g and 1700g. They both have a remarkably present stick and a crash that gets right out of the way when you go back to the ride pattern. I also have a 22", 2255g Vezir that's about as smoky and woody as you can get.

Latin Groover- I usually use only one rivet in a ride, though I occasionally use up to three rivets. The SE and Mel Lewis are very different rides. I really like the 20" Mel Lewis, at around 1950g - 2000g. I like the 21" SEs in the 1800g - 1900g range. The SEs tend to be a bit drier and not quite as dark as the Mels.
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