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Originally Posted by Jusstickinaround View Post
I don't believe you can call yourself a drummer or musician if you just play at home to cd's or work on your chops.
I'm going to agree with burnthehero and say that is a very silly thing to say - of course the idea of a musician is to create music - who says you need other musicians to make music? Max Roach did whole concerts with just drums - now is he not a musician? Who also says you need to play in front of a crowd to be called a musician? Now if you're talking about professional musicians - then there's a difference, but anyone who can make music in some form, is a musician. Amateur or professional it makes no difference.

Also what about all those people who actually can't find anyone to play with? Does that therefore make them not a musician? Take Karl on here for instance (sorry, I don't mean to pick on you Karl, your just a very good example) - he apparently can't find many jazz musicians his age to play with around his area (maybe it's changed now), but he is an incredible jazz drummer and has play-alongs to conpensate for the time being. Is he now not a drummer?

I can see your point, but I think you made some very bold and ignorant statements, but like you said yourself - you didn't express them very well...
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