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Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
and by the way: new clips from the DVD are here:

or Frontpage entry:

so great drumming Phil!!!!

Dear Bernhard,
I cannot thank you enough for the great page you made for me here. To have your peers like what you do is the greatest honor one could ask for. One thing is to have people who are outside of music, understand and like what you do. But when other musicians say what you have just reaches you on a very deep level. Some one like you, with an obvious love for the instrument, who has seen many many drummers, who has built this one of a kind flux point of information and discovery out of your love and passion...I am honored to be a part of it. The road to get to this point in my life has been a test of patience and belief in the beauty of music. There were times when money was scarce and all I heard from the people around me was ..."Oh will never make a living from that. It's too hard etc etc"
Nothing was ever served on a silver platter to me. I have always lived for the day to play drums.
This journey has been one of constant sacrifice, self discovery, joy, commitment, hunger, abundance, defeat, victory, defeat, victory, defeat, victory, set back, growth, elation, courage, friendship, betrayal, new friendship, happiness, sadness, great satisfaction and through it all...Drumming kept me sane. Those elements are sketched into everyone's playing. If you have the courage to channel them into music, it's wondrous to hear. I always felt like watching someone play is like having insight to their deepest thoughts, secrets, and inner mind. Their discipline, belief in themselves, commitment to their instrument and connection to the magical part of what makes us most human. This most personal part of them...when it is allowed the courage to come through.... When you see this, it's as if you are hit in the gut by an enormous cathartic force. And your life is changed forever. I aspire to that, every time. As if it were the last time I get to play. To take a breath and live on this earth. I can only hope that all of that comes through, every time.

The internet has brought us all much closer. We can now keep each other inspired and help to stay focused on the journey, no matter what part of the world we find ourselves in. My time spent traveling around the world eradicated what I once thought truly mattered in life. The very small and distorted points of view about what making a living is, and what life is about. It allowed me the mental and spiritual freedom to continue to grow on in drumming. I hope that comes through in my playing. And I am inspired by your passion here, that you show through Drummerworld. It is truly...A beautiful thing.

Big hugs
Live to play!
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