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How many of you actually play music? What I mean is, with other musicians. I don't believe you can call yourself a drummer or musician if you just play at home to cd's or work on your chops. Contrary to what some of you might think, I don't consider myself the greatest drummer, but I do consider myself good, and I play with conviction.
I understand everyone wants to have the best gear, but that is not what makes a musician, you have to play with others and give it all you've got. I've heard some very good players on here, but a lot of them are just soloing. Unless your name is Buddy Rich you need more than soloing or playing to recorded music.
Some of the best drummers I've seen play simple, but musical, and add what is needed to the song, whether it's a cover, original or even a solo. I think we all need to play with others, if you don't then you are missing out and should not critisize others who do.
I have more respect for the mediocre drummer or any musician who is out playing than someone with great chops sitting at home and playing alone.
These are my thoughts, I may not have expressed them the best, but I think you can understand what I'm saying.
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