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Default Re: Mr. Drums "Buddy Rich"

When I was about 12 or 13 my grandparents gave me a Vic Firth promotional cassette that the music store was selling. It was a tape of one of Buddy's Solos and it blew me away. I couldn't imagine how someone could be so fast on the wasn't human.

I still wish I had that tape.

My dad actually saw him when he was in school. Buddy came to his high school of all places, but the apparently the idiot running the spot light focused it on his bass drum so you couldn't see much. I'm sure Buddy was mad as hell after that.

My old drum teacher actually met Buddy and got to play his set. He got to see him backstage after a show and Buddy said "You're a drummer huh? Let's see what you can do" and he handed him the sticks and then walked away *lol* But he got to play his drums for a few minutes. He said his drums were CRANKED. The snare felt like a rock.
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