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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Originally Posted by hauk View Post
Well if you've got your fifteen loyal fans, get personal with them. Make friends, ask them to tell their friends about you and bring people to your shows. Sell shirts, they're a great way to advertise because half the people that see them will ask, "who's that?" and some of those will get interested enough to check you out on myspace. Also getting a site of your own will help, but you should also make your myspace prettier and simpler (I'm basing that suggestion off what others have said, I haven't seen it) because it is often the easiest way for people to get a taste of your music online.

Playing with other bands is a great idea, but I disagree on the second point. Playing with bands that are worse than you won't really bring in extra people, except I suppose on the off chance that they are bad with a huge fanbase. Point is, opening for a better known local band (or bigger band touring without consistent openers) is a great way to get your name out there. Good luck!
Thats the thing, the fifteen people are our close friends, girlfriends, etc.. haha.. We're working on shirts and I've already given alot of the stickers I made the other night out...

Our myspace is very simple, but apparently its a bad colored background.

We're actually talking about opening up for a pretty big local band in a couple of weeks..
Thanks for the advice man
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