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Default Rick Considine: Rudiment Grooves for the Drumset

Book & CD - Rick Considine's "Rudiment Grooves for the Drumset"

5 out of 5

I spent years listening to rock drummers who are masters of applying rudiments to drumset and rock drumming, but I always had difficulties working the 26 main rudiments around the kit myself in a cool way. This book has completely changed everything about my playing. I would say my whole approach to the kit, confidence and creativity have gone through the roof since I started working this book.

Rick goes through the basic snare based rudiments first and then provides various "moves" and "grooves" throughout the book, showing how each one is based on the basic rudiment but can be orchestrated around the kit. I love his theory that basically all drumset playing can be broken down to singles, doubles and flams. This has helped my feel, time, independence (particularly getting my left hand working a little harder) and has made my playing far more interesting.

I had never heard of this book before and just happened to stumble on it while on a trip to Minneapolis (Ellis Drum Shop). I would highly recommend it for any level of player - kids just starting can see quickly the value of patiently learning the rudiments and advanced players can benefit by going back to basics in order to reach a new skill level.
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