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Default Re: Matt Abts

I just saw GM last Sunday finally after missing them for the last 3 times they've been through the Detroit/Michigan area. I was not dissapointed!

I was able to be front row, and I watched matt pretty much the whole time.
He's been a fave for a while. I love his feel, groove, sound and what he plays.
I was supprised at how light his touch is compared to how it sounds.
He was toatally relaxed the whole time playing, his solo was cool as hell, and he was fun to watch.

He was avery cool guy when I was able to chat with him after the show too. talking drums with him a little was pretty cool.
I didn't need anything signed, because my friend got the whole band to sign a drumhead for me last year, but he was cool to everyone that asked for a pic, or autograph.
Total class act.

That pic of the Slingerland kit with the 2 kicks back to back is cool too.
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