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Far be it for me to light another match under this one.... but:

Mike Portnoy is clearly a brilliant musician. I believe he writes or co-writes most of DT's songs. I suspect that he is not solely talented on drums but also other instruments.

I have been a fan of DT ever since I saw the video from Images and Words, Live in Tokyo. I've seen them 4 times in concert, have bought all of their work and I just think they make a great noise!

I was chuckling when I read Vic_Rattledeth's post - I think we should start a thread on "The Dance of Eternity" and people should post their efforts in video form. I would certainly be hugely impressed with anyone who could reproduce that sort of playing, sound and technique. Not only that but one would need to make vast investments to get the sort of gear you need to even come close.

Give me ten years of 8 hours-a-day practice and I'll humbly post my video effort

All the best

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