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Default STOP IT!

Confession. - As far back as I can remember, maybe since I was six , I've been DOING IT.

What you may ask. Well, YOU know what! ..........

...patting double strokes on my thighs, reverse paradiddles on my desk,
tables, steering wheels, Playing imaginary foot flams in work meetings, air hi-hat foot stomps in my car, single strokes with restaurant cutlery ( where the glasses are the cymbals, right ? ), tambourine with dinner plates etc, etc. You know what I'm talking about.

Historically, this has irritated the daylights out of everyone I've ever known.

I've been scolded, yelled at, stared at by Parents, brothers, strangers, friends, school teachers, college profs, girlfriends, librarians, people in restaurants.....

" would you stop doing that " almost feels like my middle name after all these years.

I have tried to supress this urge for years. Unsuccessfully.

The only species that seem relatively immune to this are other MUSICIANS, who hate it as much too, but are somewhat more tolerant and forgiving.

Any others fellow sufferers?

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