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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

As a practically non-poster, but avid reader, this thread seems an appropriate place to thank everyone for making this such a helpful, informative, and entertaining site.

Difficult to pick only a handful as there are so many - guess drummers are just naturally great people! - and many have already been mentioned, but would add my mention to:

Bernhard, just for being Bernhard; NJ for the helpful advice (particularly for a relative beginner like myself); DB for the dry humour; Mediocrefunkybeats; Fourstringdrums; DJP for the vids (always entertaining).. Oh and so many more.

Special mention though to some of the younger members, particularly DrummerKarl, Matt Smith, and Jazzsnob (some very useful technique tips - thanks). After a couple of hours on YouTube, MySpace, FB etc. and feeling like I want to weep for the future of mankind, coming here and reading the knowledgeable, intelligent, and articulate arguments of these young men really restores my faith in the younger generation.

Oh, and though I'm not really into the whole WFD thing Tim Waterson seems like a great and helpful guy, even if he does need to sort out that STICKY caps LOCK problem :-)
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