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Default Re: Phil Ehart

I think the Wind gong would go pretty well with your Paiste Symphonics.

It would sound good with the Traditional series and the new Twenty series too.

I had been thinking of getting this for years, and finally had a use for it, so I went for it.

The situation for using it changed, and I only used it for one thing, but even with that, I don't regret getting it.

The price was good too.

I like it because you get the 'gong' sound, but it gets out of the way pretty quick and doesn't go "nnnnnnn" for 10 minuites behind you.

The loudest gong I ever heard was Bobby Rondineli's when he was with BOC a few years ago. I heard it from about 15 feet away on the side of the stage, and it was so freakin' loud, I was like....Holy crap that's freakin' loud!
And I saw the hit coming too!!

Booby is a cool guy too.

Hey rmandelbaum,

LUCKY!!!! That must have ruled.
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