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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
I think without investing just a little money, you can't reach the goals you want to achieve...they are not free.

I would suggest, to buy a domain with your band-name (.com) - this is 50$ a year. Building a site with a free hosting makes no much sense - will give you a bad webadress and it will not have a good index with Google.

Just my two cents..

Bernhard is right, better to pay a little than have a free (look at those 150 ad's on my home page) site. Not sure about in the US but in the UK I can register a .com for $17 a year plus get web hosting (without ad's and with lots of space) for around $50 a year.

Best to shop around but also look at what you are getting as well as the price. I've been stung with poor service and uptime fo a cheaper price. I use for my web hosting and buy in the reseller package. I have a number of personal and business sites that means it's cheaper buyingthe reseller package. Costs me less than $200 to host up to 5 big sites and the service is excellent. You could even get together with other local bands to share the cost.
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