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Erik Lund
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Okay - while alasnoaxis is an okay place to start - remind me elsewhere fellas:

Where did I say "Find me a random Youtube video to go by"......? Can you find it? I doubt it since I didn't say it. I said "Buy 'Saturation Point'"

I swear, the clip jonescrusher pulled up - Black, in that first clip when he actually started playing, was tighter than anything any one of us could muster, and I hear crap-talk...Could you people please listen TO THE DRUMMER FOR ONCE?!?!?!?!

Did you not watch the video? Did you not see the flawless technique (which everyone here is so enthralled and knowledge-able about...[sarcasm])?

I am simply feeling sorry for the drummers out there who don't give 2 craps about Jim Black. The guys in NYC and Europe who know him know what's up. I will insult you face-to-face if we ever meet.
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