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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

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Hello all, my band has been playing gigs since last summer at some semi-small venues in town pretty steadily, we have a good demo, but we just haven't caught on really... Like we advertise on our myspace and post a gracious amount of bulletins, we hand out fliers, and post some up around town, we even personally invite people and the such; yet we still have the same group of like 15 people (plus more sometimes) at every show.. I'm not trying to sound greedy or anything at all, I just wish for some more people.

So my questions to you are, how do you get crowds at your gigs? Am I doing something wrong? Am I not doing enough? What are your advertising methods?

Thanks folks
Do you have any tunes to listen to? Maybe, dare I say it, your music doesn't appeal to a lot of people, the music business is tough, most bands don't appeal to a large audience. More than likely you'll eventually find a day job and become a weekend warrior, it happens to most of us, but don't sweat it, as long as you have your passion for drums and music you'll be successful.
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