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Default Re: Dude, Rock Band!

Heh, you know, all the (good) guitar/bass players I know rather the real thing over the game. So I wouldn't think the drummers would like the play the "drumming" (if you call hitting the pads with mediocre accuracy and getting an "excellent!", drumming) portion of the game.

I don't like these kind of games because it makes people think that they can be good musicians. I know four people who bought a guitar and an amp (that's a substantial amount of money!) and wanted to learn how to play real guitar when they were very good at the game. They were mostly depressed at how hard playing real guitar is, and three of them gave up. Only one guy I know (my friend Chris) kept trying to learn, and he isn't even that good (he can only play the most basic songs). I mean, I jammed with him once (to be a friend, ya know?), but he asked me to be in a band, and got mad at me when I said no.

My theory is that the music industry's just trying to get a little boost in their sales... Think about it, how many people do you think were turned on to popular artists like Rush, Rage, Buckethead, Lamb of God, etc.
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