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Default Re: Dude, Rock Band!

Originally Posted by hawk9290 View Post
Personally, i'm not a big fan. Why buy a game where I can sort-of, but not really, play a pseudo-electronic drum set when i can just walk another 2 feet over from my TV and play a real electronic or acoustic kit to music with far more accuracy... maybe I'm being a downer, but thats how I see it.
Well, what about those kids who don't have electric kits or even drums? I think they out number us drummers, don't you? Besides this game mainly appeals to the members of the public who don't play intruments.

Surprisingly, I'm not a fan of this game either - call me grumpy, but I think this'll encourage kids into drumming for all the reasons - getting them hyped up thinking by playing drums they can impress chicks, become a rockstar easily, etc.

Then they'll see how it's not all as easy as the actual game and involves alot more in depth study, lots of practise and commitment (if they want to ever achieve something with it), resulting in them either becoming a poor drummer or just giving up.

Maybe that's a bit far-fetched, but still - I'm not really keen on the idea of being able to play drums if you can hit a few pads with a stick in time with a screen. Needless to say, many people will be dissapointed when they see the real thing.
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