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Originally Posted by mickeyman View Post
Just recently turned on to him and very glad about it. He's just amazing and despite his often minimalist, fantastic melodic style, the guy definitely has chops. I'd really like to hear his playing when he was with the 1 O'clock Band at UNT.
Wow!? You would call his playing minimalist? I think he is quite the opposite. He is a very busy player. Apart from that you're right. He has an amazingly melodic approach to the drums and such a light fine touch.

Sounds like it would've been a lot of fun criz p. critter. Wish I got to see him in a clinic, it would be very inspiring and enlightening. With the brushes thing you were talking about, did you mean he hit the actual shaft of the brush against the rim so the wires flexed into the head a bunch of times? Like a multiple bounce brush stroke? It's a very common brush technique but I'm not sure if you mean that or something else.
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