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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

I like the SP and have heard of Jimmy Chamberlain but never bought a CD or anything just stuff I heard on the radio but after reading the MD interview I am very intrigued. I will definetly be buying the new SP album this week.

I thought I was the only drummer (newbie) who found solo's to be boring after about 2 minutes no matter who was playing them. I actually thought to myself, if I feel like that about solo's how can I ever be a decent drummer and that maybe my heart was not in it enough to be good. Then Jimmy mentions how he hates them and finds them boring..Wow to admit that and be a respected pro is something..That was about the most honest interview I have ever read.

If you have not read it yet I highly recommend it. I love the fact that he refuses to use a click track, insists on the whole band being there when recording and not playing over other members recorded parts.
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