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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Originally Posted by da cheese walks View Post
you get the same 15 people at your show??well ill be honest its a hell of a lot better than getting hundreds of drunk, disinterested emo kids who basically stand around gawking at you....the faces always change, but the lip rings and pink hoody tops stay the same...the same disinterest, and the muffled clap at the end of a crazy performance...or the absolute silence when we announced at one gig : "this is from the one and only, Frank Zappa"....

Its disheartening, but man someday a band will find its niche if it stays at what it does....

i hope someday my band wont still be playin in front of lots of gimpy teenagers thinking "wheres the screaming?","whys that guy not using double bass?","whos Frank Zappa?"....

Frank who?? Nah, I kid I kid, I love Zappa.. but seriously man, that sucks, I'm sure you guys will find your niche one day...

Originally Posted by ZildjianMan1023 View Post
what my band does is we kind of make pacts with other bands.

its like a group of allies

someone gets a show and they invite all of us in our pact to play

so theres some pretty popular bands this one band darwin in particular

last show we had 150 people show up

so we hope that by this these 150 people will come to our own show

catch my drift? you need some semi big opening acts or maybe open for a big act
Yeah our band is starting to open up for some bigger bands in the area lately, we hope that this'll attract some more people to come to our regular shows..
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