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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Originally Posted by DestinationDrumming View Post
Try googling for free business cards lots of printers offer them for postage only. The hope is they get repeat business and your choice of options is limited. Good for free handouts though.

Can you do a free entry if you bring someone to the gig or free gift or entry into a draw? Are you marketing your gigs to narrowly? You mention indie publications but lots of people who are not really into indie music will go to an indie gig for a listen....or is that just me!
Haha the free gift sounds like a cool idea... Maybe we could do like the person who brings the most guests wins a dinner date with the band? hahaha That'd be awesome! Yeah, that is a possibility that we are too narrow, though we do hand some out around town and put them in the windshield wipers of cars in parking lots, etc..
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