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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
If you have a good color printer you can do them yourself. They have printable business card sheets and sticker sheets. Of course you could always check out local print shops.
Yeah, I may run by the office store on my way home from school today...

Originally Posted by drummerchick435 View Post

great site...tons of stuff including DrummerWorld stuff!
I agree with fourstrings, I've found some ridiculously priced stuff on cafe press...

Originally Posted by intooder View Post
We usually post myspace bulletins before most shows, sometimes blog it, and occasionally (for special shows) send out event invitations (which is a pain but it is personalized).

If you have some close friends who regularly attend your shows, you might look into doing gig swaps with bands in neighboring cities - that way you can bring your guys with for your shows, and play in front of a new audience and they bring some when they come to your city.

Also look into playing new bars/venues in your city which have a regular crowd show up on a certain night (say every Saturday night).
We always post lots of bulletins from like a week away, right up until the day of the show..
Thats a good idea about a gig swap, I'll talk to some of my friends in other bands..
And that's where we try to book, busy places, which sometimes works out well..
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