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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
I used to go see two of my friends perform once or twice a week for years when I lived in southern California. They have about a dozen CDs out, they play three to four nights a week consistantly, they do private gigs and win awards at music festivals... and I saw the same 15 people at every show. It just goes to show you. Most working musicians do not play to sold-out arenas every night. If you are gigging and getting paid for it, you are a working musician. If you get to the point that it pays your bills without you needing a day job, then you are way ahead of most.
Very good point DB.. I guess really its not the quantity, but quality.. And I am very gracious of those 15 people that do take time to come see us, they will always remain our "deadheads" hah

And like you said, it's not necessary to make a living on music; but a sold out arena would be pretty sweet every once in a while haha..
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