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I was really into DMB when I was in high-school, then kind of kept expanding my listening and playing and kind of forgot how great a drummer Carter is. I recently found a live recording in my girlfriends Ipod and can't stop listening to it. He is amazingly creative and controlled, and an incredible drummer to listen to. HOWEVER, I would encourage all of you to check out some of the gospel drummers today and you'll definately hear some similarities. I know it's hard to know what to buy, so here's a suggestion. Bishop Larry D. Trotter and the Sweet Holy Choir from Chicago. The drummers name is Calvin Williams I think and he is awesome.

One more thing about Carter. He is great, he's the man, he's an awesome force on the kit, but he's also famous. There are still a lot of cats out there that are just waiting to get discovered. Keep an eye out for Thaddeus Dixon from Detroit.
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