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A cool evening, in the Garden of 5 Senses, a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre, in South New Delhi.
A crowd of 2000 was warmed up by a very very hot Indian opening act called PINK NOISE.
Imagine a very young Dennis Chambers sound-alike kid on the drums and a Scofield inspired guitarist, Alphonso Johnson sounding bass player, and a young Joni Mitchell girl singer... doing great original music..what a treat.

Their performance did justice to the stage they were about to share with Steve. At about 8.00, Steve and the gang came on.

Vital Information includes
Drums - Steve Smith
Guitars - Vinny Valentino
Bass - Baron Browne
Keyboards - Tom Coster

... and re-defined musical genius

I got an opportunity to meet the man before the gig and he is as humble, and friendly as he appears in his dvds.

I also got a chance to see him play up close ( see pic ), from practically on stage.

I had two epiphanys during the gig

1. That drumming greats know something most of us never will.

2. That there time and then there is time.Theres groove and then there is groove, ..he plays the same notes as you and me, in the same meter, what we do might be good but what he does... magical. You cannot learn that.

The band was seriously hot too, and they sounded like they enjoyed playing because the audience was highly appreciative, and lapping it all up. Baron and Steve we so locked in,it was scary, and Tom Coster was flying on the Hammond B3 patch, doing Jimmy Smith tributes.

Tom also performed his famed tune Europa, that he wrote for SANTANA on an accordion, with Steve playing the kit with his hands. Vinny Vatentino sprinking the tune with some crazy arpeggios..Beautiful.

Some of the tunes were tala oriented ( Indian rhythmic meters, grooves,e.g; in 71/2 ), which is something Steve is very inspired by after Zakir, the great Indian tabla maestro turned him on to Indian rhythm.
It was incredible to see him vocalize the notes in an indian time-signature, and comp that with playing jazzy drums.Talk of independence, not limb to limb, but body and mind.Steve ended the show with a virtuostic solo, with his patented hi-hat tricks thrown in which had the crowd howling for more.

You guys missed a good one; )

Thought I'd share my experience.
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