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Default Re: Suggestion: Imbed function for youtube videos

Originally Posted by SmoothJazz View Post
Also the edit button adding another thread instead of changing the old one?
Why? That makes no sense at all. Why add another thread if one already exists on the topic? If ones post needs to be edited, why should another thread be made? That is a total waste and creates useless threads.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your suggestion. If I am, then I do apologize and ask for some clarity.

Originally Posted by SmoothJazz View Post
Since so many threads have links of youtube videos in them, I think there should be a youtube imbed option on the bar line above where you type your posts.

On another site I use, clicking the little youtube sign gives you the [yt][(end)yt] where inbetween you just add the letters and numbers after the "v=" thing in the web address bar on youtube. (example, [yt]a2009bf47f[(end)yt]

I am thinking it is an easy add in, but not sure.

I do think that a YouTube button function would be cool. But, I don't know if that is worth the effort since the links are simply posted in the threads to be seen. Again, I may be misunderstanding the entire point.. lol.
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