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Thank you, Sticktrick, for the Secret World recommendation. I bought it just yesterday. I've been meaning to check out Peter Gabriel for a long time but somehow never got round to it; now I'm going to have to buy lots of albums - I love that DVD!! It's great to see someone perform who really cares about putting on a show. It's also great to see someone so uninhibited on stage. By that I mean someone who you could say is not a 'good' dancer, but sucks you in through sheer individuality and masses of charisma. I also loved the way he got his musicians to participate in his crazy dances: seeing Tony Levin hopping about the stage is a remarkable contrast to seeing him playing the Paul Simon gig, sitting down looking very serious and nodding his head a bit!

It's probably foolish to give my thoughts on Manu's playing now because no doubt they'll change in time, but just a couple of things did annoy me a bit. Firstly, the splashes. Now this is just a pet hate of mine, ever since I listened to a recording of me playing a big band concert at university and hearing myself hit my damn splash every couple of bars. I removed it from my kit after that, and 3 years later I've never felt like putting it back. I prefer them to be used sparingly and for effect, but Manu plays them all the time on this DVD. Anyhow, that's just my gut feeling. Secondly, he played that loose-8th-note-triplet type fill all the on my nerves quite quickly. But apart from these two minor things, yeah it was great!

I googled the femal vocalist, Paula Cole. Apparently it was her song that was used as the Dawson's Creek theme. Hehe. I'm sure all the Americans know that but I'd never heard of her before.
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