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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Great - and good luck with it all!

AND.... my DVD, "Voices In My Head", is FINALLY out. Some of you who visit my website's forum are aware of the amount of delays that kept this sucker from finally coming out -

Well... it is all over now. It is out and you can buy it and watch - and hopefully (then) talk about it!!!

I am so relieved!


There is also a little 60 sec trailer here, if you want to see more before you buy. Also... if you haven't seen the long trailer - it's on my home page-
For all I know, it is already here at Drummerworld (with my full blessing)

Bernhard - I am hoping that DW will send you a review copy. If not, as soon as I have more than one copy myself - I'll send it to you!

Thanks guys
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