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I finally got to see mutemath in concert last night in charlottesville, va and i can't put it into words.

we got there over 2 hours early and got front row and i was arms length from darren and his drums. needless to say, i watched him the whole time and he is insane. best live drumming i've ever seen.

i ended up catching a stick and getting a setlist after the show.

after, i headed around back and ended up meeting darren and i asked if i could talk to him about his drums and he said ok and to follow him inside! so we walked back in and he told me what brand all their vintage drums are and hopped on stage and i got to play his snare which sounded like a marching snare drum.

i then asked when he was going to get a ride cymbal since the one he was using had 4 huge cracks. he told me he was going to sell it and get a new one. "i'll buy it" i said. so he told me a price and i talked him down a bit and ended up getting it. so we then went back outside to screaming fans and he talked to them more and then he said come on. and we walked to their bus and walked on and i met all of them and sat down and talked about all kinds of stuff, mainly about coming to richmond and they asked about my bands and i gave them our demo. they then signed the cymbal and a girl i met took a picture (which she will send me soon) and then i was off.

best concert experience ever.
the end
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