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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real Name: Gregor
Age: 40
How long playing: 27 years
Origin of user name: Nickname given to me by some friends in North Carolina, who thought my real name sounded like a Superman villan
Top 5 drummers: Buddy, Keith Moon, Bonzo, Steward Copeland, and "El Negro" Hernandez
make of drum kit: At the moment, ProKing (a decent Chinese brand)
make of cymbals: Zildjian
where do you (will you) practice: At home (practice pad kit
are you in a band: Not at the moment, but I have one forming
what style of music: Rock, Jazz, etc.
favorite take out: pizza, Mexican (Chipotle!)
Country: China, at the moment (soon returning to the U.S.)
one really odd fact about myself: I'm an American expat