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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Teeg, this guy is incredible.there is artistic and then there is creative... Patton certainly is

and here..
Hey there Aydee. I was hoping that you would revisit this thread and start digging. It's nice to see that your finding the world of Mike Patton artistic but most importantly.. creative. He is quite a trip isn't he? The Haircut Experience was awsome.. I never saw that one before... thanks bud. Alot of people don't get Patton, or appreciate the boundaries he has crossed and fused together. If you ever have the opportunity, check out Faith No More's album "Angel Dust." It's about as mainstream pop as Mike Patton gets, and his voice on that album is simply incredible. Great band, great music. Who knows, you might even recognize a song or two.

You have to appreciate the fact that he thinks his voice isn't all that great. "If it aint broke, don't fix it." Hopefully you will keep digging into Mike Patton's world of music. There are so many golden nuggets out there that have never penetrated the ear of the common musician, but it seems your starting to get it. Sweet.

EDIT: Check out "Faith No More" cover Burt Bacharach's - This Guys In Love With You ------->

Hey Aydee.. this by all means is not the style of music that Faith No More creates, but they did enjoy doing some old covers.

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