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To be honest with you all, I dont have any dilusions about him being the greatest drummer ever. He is my favorite drummer though. His style appeals to me, and obviously alot of other people otherwise his name wouldnt stir up so much drama on the boards.

I dont believe he has done anything revolutionary for the drumming community, but everyone has their own taste and opinions about drumming. Some of you die hard death metal fans have an anurism when someone praises what Jordison has done with his drumming. But come on if you think about it what has he really done? ...He has found a style of drumming that has appealed to a large portion of people, if thats not a way to gauge your success as a drummer then I dont know what is. I dont see how it matters if you can play 32, 64 or 128. If you can only find a handfull of people that enjoy the music you make, regardless of your skill in doing it. then how "Good" are you?

Like I said im not going to run around screaming he is the best ever, but I like him.

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