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Default Re: Buddy Rich Gear?

I know this is an old post, sorry for adding to it, but there is more to the story then being stated here.

There is a story to the BR and DW relationship that is not publicly been stated and or recent news, but while Buddy was still alive...

A commemorative set of sticks and or practice pad does not mean that he played them or would have ever played them, but they are to keep his name in the public and hopefully younger drums will get into his playing and learn what he was about...

Unfortunately life is about making money and the BR estate is rather protective of the name and what products they put out. In fact the true BR fans have been begging them to release more sound tracks and video that they have rights over.

They release things periodically and keep the flow steady and slow. Who can blame them? If BR were my dad, no matter what my relationship was with him before his death, I would also do the same thing.....

If you look at another great drummer like Gene Krupa, there is no estate fighting to keep his name out there and no one protecting his name aggressively and no one that keeps his name in front of younger players like BR.

Yes, Slingerland did have BR for a long time in the companies history when it was truly Slingerland and when Gibson had them they produced a certain number of BR sets and lost the rights to them, but they were still able to sell the sets they had in stock...

I think in general it is good BR is still being marketed and not lost in history like so many of the great drummers before us....

In regards to the BR drum company their original sets that you see at Sam Ash were probably just to enter the market, and it is expected that the set for NAMM will be a much higher quality...

The purist BR fan will keep looking for the original Slingerlands and Rogers BR sets and not purchase the newer drums. They do pop up on Ebay and they are not cheap....!

So, even though I have played with Lincoln logs and still do with my son, you can't visit Springfield IL without every thing imaginable made with Lincoln on it..... I think that is taking it to a level far greater then BR... Abraham Lincoln plates, spoons, thimbles, cups, hats, shirts, snow globes, key chains.......and probably toilet paper!


I also want to add I have no affiliation or personal relationship with the BR estate, DW and Slingerland....
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