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Default Re: Glenn Kotche

I think Glenn is a cool drummer too!

I dig the stuf on the MD fest DVD. I haven't heard other stuff, but I do plan to check it out.
His last MD article was cool.

My 5 yr old drummer son has made me watch Monkey Chant about 5 million times...not really 'made', but there comes a point when you want to watch something else on the DVD haha!
He goes down to his little kit in the basement and does some of the Monkey Chant rhythms, and I showed him to do the hand/oot patern on the floor tom/bass drum, and he's gotten pretty good at it.
Of course he also loves Neil Peart and made me play the Rio solo a million times too.
Then he goes and plays that stuff, and gets up off the seat and turns around like he's got a kit behind's kinda bizzare to watch a 4-5 year old doing that stuff...even though he used to wake us up doing singing drum beats in his crib....
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