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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

Originally Posted by rockinrider View Post
Thank you, aydee...Now, if I could only find find a band to play with..LOL!
I have a friend who is not only a guitar player but also a polo player, and probably has the same sensibilites as you. So besides a string of18 horses, 4 german Shepards, 1 Boxer ( My Jaco's Grand niece ), a Lhasa Apso, 3 goats, a chicken coop, 7 free roaming green parrots, he has 2 aquariums full of African Cichlid fish which have been raised on Eukanuba Dog Food ( thats right ), and have shocked him by growing to huge proportions. They look like a bunch of chihuahuas swimming underwater, seriously.

Of course he lives on a beautiful farm.... which I can visit. : )
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