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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
Heh, well with a 44 year old quarterback carrying your team, you cant really expect much. I was really surprised testaverde won that game... I mean i kind of think it was a fluke since he only had like 4 days to get comfortable with the offense. And with the Colts coming up in two weeks things dont look that good... Do you know if testaverde is going to start again or is the other quarterback going to be healthy?
I still think he played a decent game.

Yea, Delhomme is out for the rest of the season. With Testaverde's showing the other week I bet he'll be starting, he played hard. Maybe Jake ruining his arm was a blessing in disguise, I think Delhomme is probably the worst third quarter QB in the league (He plays great first and second quarter, third quarter he gives up a lot of interceptions and fourth he tries to play catch-up... not an effective policy).

I hope the D-Line keeps up their momentum; it was great to see how aggressive they were. Maybe Peppers will get back to being the great athlete he normally is...
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