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"selling out" is quick said, some people say Metallica are selling out, Trivium are selling out, they are selling out and they are selling out too ... As for myself, I don´t give a damn, at least the music kicks.

Don´t get me wrong, I kinda understand people when they´re upset about this selling out thing ... Their favorite Thrash band goes in a more commercial way to earn some money, nothings wrong bout that. Look at Machine Head for example, began with that killer album Burn my Eyes, and after The More Things Change they tried to earn some money, by trying playing their music with a more commercial touch and a radio single ... and they failed, big time. With Through the Ashes of Empires they had an awesome thrash "comeback" and with their new album The Blackening, they´re having their biggest succsess on EVERYTHING, record sales, sold out major tours, including supporting Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. ... and they´re not selling out, cause this record is their heaviest in their career.

I hope you guys will know what I´m trying to tell you here ... ;-)
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