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Default Re: the "how" thread

Music - What got me interested in drums was listening to Sousa marches, a recording from the '50s of fife and drum marches from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and Dixieland style jazz. I was about 3 or 4 years old. Hearing the Stan Getz hit recording of "The Girl from Ipanema" in the early '60s also had a huge musical impact on me as a kid. ;-)

Person - My parents. As a young kid I was constantly keeping time to music by finger tapping, toe tapping, and marching around the house, and they suggested I take up the drums.

Drummer(s) - The anonymous drummers on the above listed recordings got me started, I guess. I started lessons at age 12 in 1968.

Styles - Mostly Jazz, Funk and World (basically groove-oriented stuff). Also formal rudiments (back when there where only 26 of them!)

Inspirations - Gadd, Bill Cobham, David Garibaldi, Harvey Mason and Stewart Copeland. Also my high school drum teacher - he had the prettiest sounding open, double stroke rolls I've ever heard.
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