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If you listen to his drumming, - he often played fairly straight during vocals, - but the fills he played between were (apart from often being out of this world) great "left-field" echoes of the rhythm of the words, not just filling, - but driving the song adding an extra dimension to the whole track.

Originally Posted by wontgetfooledagain
I read once that Keith Moon's advice to any beginning drummer was to learn guitar, because of the fact that he pretty much always followed the guitar.
Everyone knows the old rock cliche of "duelling guitars" on stage, with the axemen swapping licks and trading and bouncing off each other's playing ... On stage when Pete was playing guitar solos, Keith often played the part of a mirror and/or musical antagonist to Pete's riffs and licks. He would watch Pete and play fills that weren't just a foil within the breaks in the lead guitar, but a drumming equivalent of a musical question/answer sequences which built the whole tension and expression of the solos higher and higher, following Pete's lead perfectly - whilst still somehow managing to compete for equal attention on the stage.

Keith’s drumming not only flowed through echoes of both vocals and guitar, it thumped out a rolling solid beat that remained the engine that drove the band.

His antics, flying drumsticks, “full-on - let it all go” energy and wild expressions were showmanship that demanded attention, whilst both complementing and competing with the windmills and swirling microphones of those in front of him on the stage. When the Who played live: They put on an amazing show.
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