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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

Originally Posted by goughy View Post
I only watch and listen to the Led Zepplin live 2 dvd set and to Hendrix live on the Isle of Wright DVD. Two supreme examples of these groups in their peaks to me.
Actually, only one of those performances contains a group at their "peak" (and even that is arguable) and that is the Zeppelin dvd one (the one with Ayers Rock on the cover, right? Its goooooood).

Hendrix at the Isle of Wight is a rather lacklustre show, something is definitely not right with JH, he seems tired and gaunt, Mitch seems like he is trying too hard in an attempt to compensate, and Billy Cox had his drink spiked with some form of heavy barbiturates prior to the concert, but still seems to be mostly coherent.
I think a much better example is either Monterey Pop Festival (possibly the greatest Hendrix show captured on film) or even Woodstock, which is fairly loose in itself as the band is expanded to include a second guitarist and 2 percussionists (none of whom were plugged in...d'oh!) who were playing on stage together for the first time.
Either way, both Hendrix and Mitch are much closer to the peaks of thier game o those concerts than on Isle of Wight...which comes off fairly limp-wristed in comparison.
I say this as a massive Hendrix-Mitchell fan btw.
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