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Erik Lund
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I searched and couldn't find a thread about Jim Black, so here's one.

I'm listening to him on Saturation Point (Bloodcount) and the last track from a live show "The Opener" - Jim's playing is amazing throughout but that drum solo? When I first got this album 5-6 years ago, I don't want to say I was really jaded with drum solos, but I wasn't finding too much that was new and exciting...Enter Jim Black.

First off - just his drum sound itself is so unique. I've never seen him play live (hmm...maybe I should youtube him...I love when obvious answers take me forever to get to) but I absolutely need to. How is he achieving these sounds/rhythms? Amazing.

I have him mostly on a bunch of Bloodcount stuff - and a few other albums here and there (Ellery Eskelin's "A Great Day") and he is truly amazing/ridiculous. He throws in a lot of different influences, and I can totally see the rock drummers on here being blown away as well as the jazz guys.

Seriously - Pick up Saturation Point or the 3 disc set "Unwound" and you will be blown away by this man's drumming.
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