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Default Re: Pete Erskine

I think I'm gonna agree with Erik's point of view on this one.

I feel that Erskine though being an amazing drummer doesn't take any risks or play on impulse when he's playing.

I think he always places it safe and there's hardly any intensity and not really any case where he just let's go and dives into the music head first, which is what (IMO) music is all about in the end - just going for it and making it sound and feel good.

S'pose, like Erik that's just my take on Erskine's playing. I guess I'd rather listen to drummer like Roy Haynes or Elvin Jones where that risk and intensity is there.

Of course, if I'm shown something which just proves what I've said completely wrong - then I'll happily retract the statement.

But in the meantime give me some Elvin over Erskine anyday.
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