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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

“…English anti-rugby style…” Ozzy Biz.

Sir, I feel compelled to interject as your use of the above phase is nonsensical. It is a recognised truth, I think you will find, that if one wishes to know the correct way of doing anything, one only has to observe how an Englishman would go about the task. This is just one of the gifts that we English have, in our infinite modest and charity, selflessly bestowed upon all those misfortunate enough to be born without our shores. As I hardly think anyone with a right mind would wish to contend such an irrefutable fact, I hope you can now see the elementary error of your statement?

Also, I must say, from the tone of some of the posts in this thread, one might infer that England would not be the most popular champion throughout all of the free-thinking nations (South Africa graciously excepted). - Utterly Preposterous!

Next I suppose you will be saying that consistent, aggressive bowling directed to the line of the batsman’s body might somehow be ‘unsportsmanlike’!!
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