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Originally Posted by chopsy View Post
I really think it's a serial trait of his though. Saw them Wednesday night and he was faster on every single song, even ones off the new album that he wrote. They tore through Run Pig Run so fast. I'm definitely not saying it's a bad thing, but it's not just a fluke/one song thing.

They played Songs for the Dead, one of my favorites, and the beginning was so rushed it lost a lot of the swing that Grohl gave it.
If it's been like that for a while, then one would guess the band (Josh) thinks it's OK, or they like it that way...or.....maybe he should play along to his own cds a couple of times....???...:P

Yeah, something is definetly lost if a song that needs to feel a certain way is rushed.
That's a bummer at a show and you can't get in the groove of your favorite tunes.
The one thing I miss, is Joey not doing the fast snare to tom fill in No one Knows on the DVD. That fill is real cool, and fits well in there. I know there's a few others, but THAT one is definetly cool.

I've had to stay really concious of not speeding up some of the songs in one of my bands.
A few of them need to be just right, & once I was aware of what I was doing in spots, and got ahold of what the sections should 'feel' like it's been all good.

I havent seen Queens live yet, even though I dig em' and they've been through Detroit a few times.
I seem to spend all my money on drums.....
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