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Default Re: Alex Van Halen

I guess this thred is kinda old, but I'm new to this forum, so here goes nothin'!

AVH is one of my fave drummers. His sound is unmistakeable, and I love that his hats are always up in the mix.

I love his snare sound too.
I dig that fill he does in Drop Dead Legs..Buda, Buda, Bup Bup Buda, Buda bup bup
Bu-dup dup (that's the 'tab' version haha!)

As for the snare...
For the last several years he's been playing a Hammered Chrome Supraphonic 6.5.
I don't know if that's been exclusively or not, but I got to meet him some years ago, and that's the snare he said he was of course, I got one.

He was a real cool guy and he remembered a woman I had worked with, that had been with VH on the second and third album time period.

That was late '98.
I've seen pics after '98 too and that was the snare in those pics. I do know he had that engraved/sandblasted snare too.

Actually, it may have been a painted Hammered snare that was etched or sand blasted...
Todd Trent did an artice on Alex in Classic Drummer, and there's pics of that drum, and he said what the shell was...I'll have to look it up.

Anyway, that 6.5 Hammered Chrone Supraphonic is a cool sounding drum....I had Bun E. Carlos sign the inside of the shell.
Having Al's sig in it too would be sweet!

To this day, the "1980 Invasion" W.A.C.F. concert was THE rowdiest show I have ever been to. From the first note of Romeo Delight, to the end was just..."Aaaahhhh!!!" with the crowd just going nuts.
That show was a total BLAST, and that chrome kit with the clear Octobans in front and on the side has been one of my favorite rock kits of all time.
I can clearly remember the GIANT banner someone made that said VanF**kin'Halen on it.
You could never do that today.....
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