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Default Re: Joey Castillo

Yeah, I dig Joey with Queens. I think he's a pretty cool drummer. His kits have looked cool too.
One of my friends met him briefly and said he was a prety cool cat.

The stuff Dave came up with on SFTD was really cool and well thought out, but sounded really spur of the moment for how they record.

On the live DVD with Troy and Alan more involved, and Nick gone, Joey seemed to 'fit' the band well, like Matt Sorum 'fit' better when Guns added the back-up singers and Teddy Andreas (sp?).

I really dig watching that live DVD, and the extra "in the studio" DVD's that came with the last few albums too.

I get what you mean about No one Knows being faster, but that could have been just that night too...
You know how it is, you come off a good set, and come back on and you're loose and feeling good..and it's just a little faster.

Hey, that's rock....
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