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Default Re: Simon Phillips

One of my bands played a show withTOTO in July, and Simon was amazing. His kit was super cool, and he was a really great guy.

He made it a point to come off the bus to say how much he loved my drum sound--especially my bass drum which sounded "fu*king great" in his words.
Now THAT was cool.

HE was asking me what muffling I used and how I had it set up. That was a holy crap moment to say the least.

He sent his roadie and another crew guy to find me and invite on stage, but they couldn't find me--and they both said "Hey, we were looking for you! Simon wanted to have you come on stage to watch..."

The keyboard player also commented on how great my drums sounded too, and Steve Lukather was also complimentary on the band.

Here's a pic of me and Simon, and a couple you know I'm not B.Sing (which I don't ever do I promise!).

This is how I had it set up on the Toto gig, but the pic is from a show we opened for The (New) Cars in Sept.

This is how have it set up now...I have a 21" crash under the china, but you can't really see it in this pic.
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