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Originally Posted by fusssion View Post
Our band will be doing Carry On Wayward Son ....and I've been listening to pick up any nuances that may have been missed over the years...and found respect!!

2 things...

1) I thought he was Ludwig guy........all the old videos show Slingerland...hmmmm
2) What snare is he using on C.O.W.S ??
I was just listening to the Two for the Show Lp, and in the pics, it shows a Slingerland chrome snare. It could be a chrome over Brass, because that snare sound is pretty solid sounding and fatter than a 'normal' steel chrome snare. I think it's a 6.5, but I'm not sure about that.
One (of a ton :P) of the best snare sounds on record IMO--it still sounds awesome when it's on the radio.

Phil was a Ludwig guy for a short time, just before he went with Yamaha I think....

I was just re-looking at PE's MD article from around 85 ( I love that black Yamaha kit he had!) and he said he really just considered himself a rock drummer that happened to be in a band that played odd sigs, and passages.
His parts were never that 'complicated', but they fit the songs, and are good to listen too.
I always liked the feel of Fight Fire With Fire, a totally simple groove, but it fits just right, and the time sig is perfect for that type of tune. And Song For America is fun to play along to as well.
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