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Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
Mike Patton gets on my nerves though, dispite his genius. Similarly, Zappa and Colaiuta have the same effect.
I can understand that TC. Anytime I watch interviews with Patton it appears he is pushing the limits of ADHD. When he speaks, he has mulitple ideas running through multiple topics within one sentence. It can get quite exausting listening to him at times.

Originally Posted by nebula821 View Post
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.....I think Anthony Keidis took the whole 'epic' thing wrong.
I do like RHCP, but I have always caught a subtle arrogance with Keidis. Patton and Keidis don't have the same on-stage presence. The only similarity is that they are both very animated. So what if Patton jumped up and down on a song. Does that mean that Keidis invented jumping up and down to a song? Arrogant? Lets face it... Keidis can't sing for crap, but he works well with RHCP and its what gives them thier signature. Who is he to be criticizing anyone about thier art? Keidis should have embraced Patton, but instead he just burned another brigde which he seems to do so well.
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