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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Brady is easily the best QB in the Enneffell. Anyone who has seen him in the past 7 years, and watches what he's doing THIS year and *still* feels the need to dismiss it is just plain hatin'...Screw Marino, screw Montana, screw Young and everyone else...Brady is already ahead of all of them. And after 7 years he *finally* has his team in place to win it all. Manning is a putz and always has been. He's so lucky he came out last year: he had been WHOOPED every year before...If anyone remembers, here's how great the Pats and Tom Brady had been: In the year they beat the Eagles, Brady had to face Pittsburg, the best defense - the Pats put up a ton of points. Next they faced the Colts, and, against the best offense in the Enneffell, the Pats held them to 3 pts while putting up 20 (OR SO)

then they smacked the Eagles around just enough to win...they didn't need to prove anything after that post-season....

This year, they didn't even need a running game to dismantle the CowBOYs. They are still the hated team of the Enneffell, so whatever but:
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